Slot Machines – Brief History

The history of slot machines, in contrast to traditional game of cards and casino games such in the sense of poker is rather brief. The first slot machines were introduced in the 1870s.Pg slot

Charles Fey, “father of the slot machines” invented his first slot machine in 1894. The first model has endured up to the tests of time, and is still in casinos even in the present. The first reels depicted cards, and later images of fruits. The bell rings each when you win, just as it was once 100 years ago.

The development of machines could be divided into three phases.

The first time period was the mechanical machine slot.

Charles Fey was the king of the day because of the invention of three-reel slot machines. The most well-known slot machine at the time was the cast iron Liberty Bell.

Three reels showed 10 symbols. If the player was able to get 3 identical symbol, they had struck the jackpot. The probability of winning the jackpot was one thousand. The amount of payouts of the money that was invested at the Fey machines was 50 percent.

In the event that gambling was prohibited The design of the slot machines was altered. The amounts of the jackpots were replaced by images of chewing gum packaging and the various flavors were depicted as distinct fruit. The amount of jackpot was growing along with the increasing popularity of the machines. In order to boost jackpots, further reels were added to the machines. The slots grew in size and their design was continuously changing.

The second phase – electromechanical slot machine.

The second phase of development for slot machines was relatively serene, but it ended around midway through the 20th century. The most notable event of this period was the creation of the Big Bertha. However, soon it was outshined by a more deadly inventions of the day The Big Bertha was replaced by Super Big Bertha.

The creation of this slot machine was more than the amount of USD 150,000. The machine was equipped with a 5 horsepower motor, as well as eight reels that had the game’s 20 symbols per. Super Big Bertha was certainly an impressive machine, however it is most likely, it wasn’t generous in terms of winnings. The amount of money paid out was just 80% of the investment, and the chance to hit the jackpot was 25,6 million.

The creation of the Random Number Generator (RNG) during 1984, by Inge Telnaes was a major change in the course of development of the machine. Random number generator converts weak physical phenomena into digital numbers, i.e numbers. The device utilizes the programed algorithm that is constantly sorting numbers. If the user hits the buttons, it chooses an undetermined number that is required to play an event.

The third phase – computers that play slots.

Modern slot machines have been computerized. The game is decided by random number generators, which display the numbers which correspond to symbols that appear on the reels. Slot machines are an essential to casinos online and coins are utilized very rarely. The modern slots don’t have as much in common with their predecessors, but there is it is evident that the look and spirit of the Fey time is still present in modern slot machines.


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