Catering Business at a Large and Small Leve

Catering services come under the canopy of food service industry in which ways of serving food are taken care of. How to make food attractive is thus the main function of the catering companies. But their dexterous hands pertaining to certain other things in the event are also expected if they are working on a large scale. Working according to color theme or the theme of the party, table setting, lighting are few to name in this. At such a large level they work with event planners who handle different departments of the whole event.

This is the scenario in a large context but there is also an option for catering businesses at home. Such catering services are quiet small and work locally. Their main purpose is limited to food serving only and some may give the cooking services of food as well.

Now look beyond the catering business at home, small marriages, parties and other small private sectors. Check into the arena of government sector like railways and the most recent one i.e. the Common Wealth Games in India and their regular requirements of catering services. 到會餐單 Or you may also consider any big organization that is looking for the professional caterers. How do they hire the catering services? Do they search for the catering companies? The answer is no. They do not search for the companies but instead of this they issue latest catering tenders for the caterers to fill and bid for the same. The accepted catering tender is then given the contract. These days getting contract through catering tenders in India is a big business.

Best Way of Filling the Catering Tenders – While filling the latest catering tenders in India and across the world, every caterer remains in dilemma that in which direction he or she should move. Whether more emphasis should be given to the cost or to the quality. To answer this question find out the area of your expertise. Check why your customer at present love your food and services. Weave your information in the catering contract around this.

Now if you are giving quality food at a very low price and quoting the same in the catering proposal then this would not work. Similarly if you are serving high quality organic food and your quoting are too high then also your catering tender probably will not be accepted because someone else might have quoted a lower price than you at the same quality. So you must consider all these before filling the tender.


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